Plastic Injection Molding Design Services

SRC Plastics provides complete product development and design solutions for custom plastic parts and custom injection molded products. We provide assistance at every stage of the product engineering process – whether in the development of prototypes, the introduction of new products to market, or through design enhancements that improve the quality and manufacturability of existing products.

  • Prototyping Assistance
  • New Product  Development
  • Product Design Consultation
  • Injection Molding Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)

SRC’s full-service plastic injection mold design service capabilities are optimized to assist in the development of both new and ongoing projects. From the First Article Inspection (FAI) process to full-scale production, we collaborate closely with each customer to develop the most efficient and sustainable injection molding process possible.

Our company offers extensive, highly diverse experience in the development of injection molding production tooling to accommodate the unique requirements of each project – from short-run production to high-volume projects requiring millions of custom molded products.

Custom Injection Molding Design - From First Article Inspection to Full-Scale Production

The success of any custom injection molding project requires careful consideration of the product design in terms of functional performance as well as in manufacturability. Essentially, you have to ensure that the end products will function as expected, and simultaneously you have to ensure that the custom molding process is reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective. Enter SRC Plastics.

We employ a step-by-step approach to help us achieve a truly optimized plastic part design and development strategy for each unique product. Our processes include design for manufacturability (DFM), problem identification, and risk reduction to eliminate a variety of potential answers before progressing on to production. Through a careful consideration of all design alternatives, our product design team ensures that the final product meets all expectations and is ready for market.

Custom Product Development

The SRC Injection Molded Product Development Process

SRC Injection Molded Development Process
  1. Develop a basic product concept according to customer specifications or functional performance parameters.
  2. Design custom injection molded products from scratch, or perform design enhancements on existing products utilizing the latest 3D CAD software.
  3. Assist in the prototype development process, including complete prototype manufacturing and rapid prototyping services.
  4. Test and validate the product according to customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Product Development Expertise for Custom Injection Molding Projects - From Prototype to Production

SRC offers extensive engineering and design expertise for injection molded products in all stages of product development. Whether you are developing a brand new prototype, updating an existing product offering, or undergoing the testing and certification process, SRC provides the engineering assistance required to streamline your products to market.
Product Development Expertise