The Advantage of Choosing a Local Contract Injection Molder in the MA Region

The Advantage of Choosing a Local Contract Injection Molder in the MA Region

Partnering up with a local plastic injection molding company offers a number of unique benefits to your project. For one thing, it’s simply easier and more convenient to work with a local manufacturer compared to overseas (or even out-of-state) providers. The back-and-forth product development process tends to work much more smoothly when your manufacturer is close to home. Likewise, all of the logistics that go into production, inventory, shipping and distribution are streamlined.

The result? Less cost, time and complexity are required to bring your custom molded product designs to life. Below, we delve further into the advantages of choosing an American injection molding company local to your business.

The Benefits of Massachusetts Injection Molding Companies vs. Out-of-State and Offshore Providers:

Less Logistical Complexity and Reduced Shipping Costs

Local injection molding means shorter distances for shipping and handling your products. Not only can that significantly reduce your overall transportation costs, it also removes a lot of the logistical complexity from the process and helps prevent the risk of many common supply chain issues. The close proximity of local injection molding is especially beneficial for large and/or heavy molded products – common in many industries such as automotive manufacturing and aerospace components.

Streamlined transportation likewise offers a number of ongoing environmental benefits. Shorter shipping distances not only reduce your costs but also contribute to lower carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint. Local, lean manufacturing solutions are an essential consideration for companies aiming to reduce their impact on the environment.

Faster Turnaround and Shorter Lead Times

Having a close proximity to your manufacturer’s facility doesn’t just speed up shipping and inventory handling – it also facilitates quicker communication, faster production cycles, and shorter lead times. All of these advantages are crucial when it comes to meeting tight deadlines, as well as for responding to fluctuations in market demand to remain ahead of both consumer demand and your competitors.

By keeping our finger on the pulse of the local market and the greater American economy, SRC Plastics can help make sure that you receive a steady volume of product without the costs of excessive overproduction.

Better Communication and Collaboration in Product Development

In addition to quicker communication, close proximity fosters a collaborative relationship between your product engineers and our team. Local injection molding services offer increased opportunities to work closely in conjunction with our manufacturing process. Our team is always standing by to provide experience-driven insights and feedback that can help optimize your project and/or ultimately improve your end products.

Supporting the Local Economy and Community with “Made in the USA” Products

Choosing a local injection molding company in Massachusetts contributes to the local economy by creating jobs and supporting many interrelated businesses throughout the greater New England region. However, there are also some more direct benefits to vendors. Over the long term, local manufacturing helps foster a positive relationship between your company and the local community – a critical factor in modern branding. Furthermore, locally “Made in the USA” products tend to naturally take a premium spot in the domestic marketplace.

Full Regulatory Compliance

Working with a local injection molding company helps ensure full compliance with all of the applicable certifications and standards required for your products. Compared to overseas competitors, SRC tends to be more intimately familiar with any regional regulations, ensuring your products meet all necessary specifications while simplifying the entire process.

SRC Plastics is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company that serves leading healthcare providers worldwide. We offer quality-backed injection molding services compliant to the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as to the requirements of European regulations for CE (European Conformity) Marking.

Quality American Injection Molding Services Since 1972

For more than half a century, SRC Plastics has remained one of Massachusetts’ leading injection molding companies. We provide reliable American manufacturing services for virtually any molded plastic food products with a focus on better quality and better sustainability.