How Injection Molding Transformed the Food and Beverage Sector with Safer More Sustainable Plastics

How Injection Molding Transformed the Food and Beverage Sector with Safer, More Sustainable Plastics

As with many manufacturing industries today, plastic injection molding has been transformative throughout the food and beverage sector.

Largely used for the production of custom food packaging solutions, as well as bottling for beverages and condiments, injection molding is integral to modern food storage, transportation, and distribution. Injection molding services are also commonly used for the manufacturing of complex food processing equipment and handling systems such as pick-and-place machines and conveyors, reaching far beyond simple food packaging solutions.

Considering the versatility of the process, it’s no surprise that over the last few decades injection molding has grown into one of the most widely used manufacturing methods within commercial food and beverage. However, beyond its versatility, injection molding offers a number of other unique benefits which facilitate better quality, efficiency, and sustainability for food producers and consumers alike.

Here are some key ways in which plastic injection molding has had a positive impact on the industry:

Meeting Modern Expectations of Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Injection molding is ideal for manufacturing eco-friendly and sustainable plastic packaging products. The engineering of biodegradable or compostable plastics has significantly reduced the food/beverage industry’s overall carbon footprint. Likewise, recyclable and renewable materials keep waste at a minimum, making the injection molding industry more sustainable than ever. This is largely in response to the growing demand for environmentally responsible food and beverage packaging – especially in the North American market.

Injection molded packaging, particularly for perishable items, also helps reduce food waste by protecting products during storage, transportation, and display. Furthermore, precisely molded packaging makes portion control and sealing more effective, while airtight containers and closures help extend the shelf life, protecting against external contaminants and moisture. All of which add up to less wasted food products and better overall sustainability for the industry.

A More Efficient and Versatile Food/Beverage Packaging Solution

Injection-molded plastics are lightweight and relatively durable, making them ideal for food packaging used in transportation and distribution. Essentially, the food products can be packaged much more efficiently, while the packages themselves are designed to be stackable and space-saving. That means less cost for shipping and transport, and less of a carbon footprint created in the process.

When it comes to mass production, injection molding carries some additional benefits in efficiency. Injection molding allows for high-volume, high-speed manufacturing with no compromise in quality or consistency, keeping a relatively low cost per unit.

Other Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding for Food and Beverage Production:

Ensuring Sanitation and Cleanliness

Food and beverage products must be produced in accordance with strict guidelines in health, safety, and sanitization. Injection molding is an ideal manufacturing solution to meet these challenging regulations due to the material versatility of the process. There are a myriad of food-safe injection molding plastics to choose from which are FDA certified and/or GMA-SAFE, including numerous BPA-free options.

Better Product Presentation

With injection molding, we have the ability to manufacture highly durable food/beverage containers in virtually any complex shape or custom color. This level of customization is often demanded by food/beverage brands today to help with product presentation, keeping foodstuffs cleanly organized and allowing for premium branded packaging.

A Highly Customizable Manufacturing Service

Injection molding enables the production of highly customized and intricate plastic components and packaging products. No matter how unique or intricate your design requirements may be, SRC’s injection molding services can likely get the job done.

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