Custom Medical Device Packaging Solutions

Today’s highly specialized medical manufacturing projects demand uniquely engineered packaging solutions. SRC Plastics produces a wide range of medical product packaging options specifically designed for the needs of the modern medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare applications.

Our company offers injection molded overwrapping and flow wrapping to accommodate virtually any complex medical device, including those with intricate shapes and delicate components. We also commonly manufacture custom packaging for bulk bagging and parts kitting operations, assisting our clients achieve a more streamlined production and assembly process.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Product Overwrapping and Flow Wrapping

SRC commonly produces custom overwrapping to accommodate a wide range of medical packaging applications. Our quality overwrapping solutions provide a practical, cost-effective method to safely box, store, and transport pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Simultaneously, our highly consistent wrapping process ensures the products are protected from the elements and contamination.

We also manufacture flow wrapping options for more complex product shapes and custom medical packaging needs. Sometimes referred to as horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS), flow wrapping fully seals each component in a form-fitting package.


Medical Product Bagging and Kitting Solutions

SRC offers custom bagging options for bulk or large-quantity orders of medical products. We commonly ship bagged medical applicators in packs of 7/10/15/30/60/90/100 units to meet each customer’s specific volume requirements.

In addition to basic product bagging, SRC also offers custom medical part kitting. Our medical kitting options combine all required individual components together in a convenient all-in-one package. From healthcare/pharmaceutical product boxing and first aid kits to custom component kitting for production line assembly, SRC provides an optimized packaging solution for virtually every unique medical application.