Injection Molded Car Parts and Automotive Plastics

SRC Plastics is a leading provider of quality injection molded plastic parts and components for the automotive industry and transportation sector. Our American-made products offer the precision and ease of scalability that today’s domestic automobile manufacturers and part providers demand.

Serving Tier 2 and Tier 3 Automotive Providers with Custom Injection Molding Services

As a leading manufacturer in the medical and aerospace injection molding markets, SRC Plastics applies our uniquely specialized expertise and precision quality control process to our automotive injection molding services. This includes the capability to mold virtually any custom plastic automotive components in-house, including complex designs with close-tolerance requirements.


Manufacturing a Range of Custom Injection Molded Automotive Products

SRC offers the flexibility to manufacture a multitude of different parts and components for automotive applications – from decorative interior and exterior trim pieces to injection molded couplings, connectors, and sensor holders that are crucial to the vehicle’s operation.


Our diverse range of custom injection molded automotive products include:

  • Interior trim pieces and decorative accessories.
  • Plastic buttons and switches (e.g. window switches and door locks).
  • Exterior trim pieces and decorative badging.
  • Grill components.
  • Plastic sensor holders.
  • Various plastic couplings, connectors, and brackets.
  • Emissions system and electrical system components.

Serving the Automotive Sector with State-of-the-Art Injection Molding Services

At SRC Plastics, there is virtually no automotive injection molding project we cannot handle with superior manufacturing in the USA. Let us assist you with your next custom project to turn your designs, concepts, and unique product ideas into reality.