Precision Aerospace & Defense Injection Molding

SRC Plastics is a top plastic injection molding company for the aerospace and defense sectors. We understand the nuance and complexities required of today’s most advanced engineering plastics.

Serving the World’s Leading Aerospace Companies with Custom Injection Molding Services

A longstanding leader in the cutting-edge plastic sectors, SRC Plastics is poised to offer the precision and flexibility required to serve today’s aerospace manufacturing sector.

We apply rigorous quality control processes to our aerospace projects, ensuring absolute quality and consistency with every custom molded product. We offer the capability to mold virtually any custom plastic aerospace components in-house, including complex geometries and intricate aerospace parts designs that require extremely close tolerances.


The Advantage of Plastic Injection Molding for the Aerospace Industry

  • Cost Effective: Injection molding services are a cost-effective method to produce both small and large quantities of high-precision aerospace components reliably and consistently.
  • Design Flexibility: Custom molded aerospace parts often require complex shapes, close tolerances, and complicated designs that can be easily accommodated through custom injection molding services.
  • Lightweight Part Manufacturing: The plastic materials used in injection molding are lightweight and efficiently used. This allows for the design and manufacturing of components with minimal weight and no wasted materials – imperative for today’s flight sector in which every ounce of weight counts toward fuel efficiency.

Some Examples of Our Custom Injection Molded Aerospace Components Include:

  • Interior trim for airliners
  • Seating components and passenger comfort
  • Structural plastic airplane components, such as window frames, door hinges, and flooring
  • Exterior trim pieces such as wind tips and fairings

Contract SRC Plastics for Quality-Assured Injection Molding Services

From start-ups to Fortune 100 companies there is no project we cannot handle with precision manufacturing in the USA adding to the “Made in the USA” commitment to excellence and innovation. Let us assist you with your next custom project;  we’ll turn your ideas into reality. Complete the form and take a deep breath, the solution is on the way!